Wondering if our Game Art Program or Game Development Program is the right move for you? Learn more about our 3D Art Programs below!

Vertex School 3D Art Programs

Artwork by Game Art Program Student Joe Bates

Every now and again we have to ask, what’s holding you back from pursuing your dream career? What’s holding you back from taking the leap and starting the process of getting closer to living the life that you are consistently imagining in your head?

If your dream career is working within the world of 3D art we have the tools, curriculum, and knowledge to get you to your final destination.

Vertex School is a live, online school where you can learn from AAA experts no matter where you’re located. Without the burden of a physical location, we put forth that anyone, anywhere can become a successful 3D Artist. It just takes a bit of grit and dedication to the craft.

We’re a higher quality, more affordable, and up-to-date alternative to associate and bachelor degree programs which can be outdated by the time you finish them.

We offer two career-ready, 3D art programs taught to you by top artists and programmers working in the industry who are ready and excited to teach you all they can to meet your goals. Learn more about the programs below and submit your application today!

3D Art Programs

Game Art Program

Our Game Art Program is a 9-month long, online, beginner-friendly bootcamp designed to teach you the skills necessary to get a career as a game artist.

This program consists of three terms. Term 1 you will learn modeling, texturing, and rendering. Term 2 is when you choose to focus on either Environment Art or Character Art. Term 3 is when you learn advanced techniques and build your final portfolio project.

Some mentors of this program include Marcin Klicki of CD Projekt Red, Crystal Bretz of Framestore, Jacob Claussen of Fall Damage, and Vlad Vanzariuc of EA Dice!

Success Story: Game Art Program Graduate Jansen Thorogood joined the 9-month program as a Quality Assurance Tester. After graduating, he got a job as an Environment Artist at Applied Intuition!

Game Art Program Capstone Project by Gil Serranito

Unreal Engine Game Development Program

Our Game Development Program is a 30-week long, online, beginner-friendly bootcamp. This bootcamp is specifically designed to teach students the skills required to secure a career working in Game Development.

Common job titles that those with game development skills can get include Game Developer, Tech Artist, Unreal Engine Generalist, Game Designer, AR/VR Developer, AR/VR Designer, Game Programmer, and Product Manager.

Some mentors include Florenci Magriñà Arjona of FX Animation Barcelona 3D & Film School, Unreal Authorized Instructor Matt Board, and Filipe Magalhães of NVIZ where he works on high-profile movies and TV shows for companies such as Netflix and Disney!

Success Story: Recent Game Development Program Graduate Sean Love joined the program as a 3D Environment Artist at Little Grim Entertainment. Shortly after graduating from the 30-week program, he secured a career as an Asset Implementer at Epic Games!

Game Development Capstone Project by Noah Fischer

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