Vertex School Game Art Program Student Showcase

It’s time for the highly anticipated student showcase where we take pride in showcasing Game Art Program student artwork!

Our Game Art Program allows you to embark on a transformative 9-month journey, divided into three engaging terms.

Observing the student showcase is not only entertaining but also illuminating, showcasing the remarkable progression of artwork from Term I to Term III.

We trust that our student showcase will ignite your passion and inspire you to take the leap, jumpstarting your own rewarding career in game art!

TERM 1 Artwork

In Term 1, you’ll delve into the fundamentals with “Intro to Game Art (Skill Building),” crafting a Prop Capstone that will stand proudly in your portfolio.

blake freitas 01 hero

1962 Kodak Brownie Home Movie Camera

Blake Freitas

3D game-ready 1962 Kodak Brownie movie camera, created for my Term 1 Capstone project at Vertex School. Fell in love with the character of this camera after watching Steven Speilberg’s The Fabelmans and thought it had a lot of potential for texturing and storytelling.
Modelled in Maya and Z-Brush using high-poly to low-poly workflow, animated in 3ds Max, textured in Substance Painter, and rendered in Marmoset.
Background / foreground objects (radio, potted plant, glasses, etc) were collected from Sketchfab and Quixel Megascans.
Shout out to my mentor Lena Piech for the timely references and critiques that helped push the storytelling for this piece.

adrian monter rapier beauty shot 2

Aged Rapier

Adrian Monter

Capstone Project for Term 1 at Vertex School
Modeled in Maya
Textured in Substance
Rendered in Unreal Engine 5
Been through a lot but learned so much withing little time of 3 Months for Term 1!
I want to thank my fellow classmates and mentor, I will never forget such a wonderful time. Looking forward to Term 2.

aly kafoury tbrender viewport 009

Realistic Old Toolkit

Aly Kafoury

A study for a realistic approach to modeling and texturing a prop set for use in game engines and real-time rendering. This was done as my capstone project for my 1st term of study at Vertex School.
Note: the wooden floor is a megascans texture having its base color modified to fit the color range of the tool kit and the normal and roughness maps adjusted to give more focus to the toolkit.

ben freed pen camerafour 0000 ultra

Montegrappa WILD: ARCTIC Solidarity Edition

Ben Freed

For Term 1 at Vertex School I chose to create the “Montegrappa WILD: ARCTIC Solidarity Edition” fountain pen as a prop. Modeled/UV’d in Maya 2024, Zbrush alphas for the pen nib detail, baked/textured in Substance 3d Painter, and rendered in Unreal Engine 5.3.

Thank you Matthew Board for the critique and instruction during the term.

justin wallace shingidora render 05 1

PlayStation One (2024)

Justin Wallace

2024 Materials Update for the PSOne Project ~15K tris & 2 4K Texture Sets. Real-Time Classic Playstation Game Asset for Unreal Engine. This was an exciting Hard Surface challenge, practicing high-to-low workflow within Blender, ZBrush, Substance, and Unreal. 6 Week Development period from reference to final capture. I hope you dig it!

pixel west 80s radio unreal 1

80’s Radio

Pixel West

Here is my final project for my first term at Vertex School, an 80’s boombox/radio. Thank you to my classmates and my mentor Matthew Board for all their feedback! Boombox was made by me, other props are from the Dekogon Apartment Tech Props pack on Unreal Engine Marketplace.

mckayla robbins crt robbins 04

Panasonic CRT TV

McKayla Robbins

Here is my term 1 project capstone at Vertex!
My goal was to create a nostalgic early 2000s tv from a teenagers bedroom.
This is a realtime asset with 4k textures at 2010 triangles. Mainly modeled in Maya and additional details sculpted in Zbrush. Textures were done in Substance Painter (Thank you Kait Fitzgerald for the stickers!). All renders in Unreal 5.
Huge thanks to my mentor Andrew Baker!

diran tbrender rear

U. F.4150 K Antique Binoculars

Diran Suraj
tabea soiron beautyshot

Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VII Remake Fanart

Tabea Soiron

For my first project at Vertex, I decided to try my hand at modeling Cloud’s Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I learned a lot in the time that I worked on this and look forward to applying my knowledge to future projects.
The model was done entirely in Maya, with some details of the handle refined in ZBrush. Baking and texturing was done in Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 5 was used for rendering. The final low poly is 11k triangles, which could have been reduced more in a few places, but I decided to keep some of the geometry for a smoother look.
I took inspiration from Xavier Le Guen’s and Antonio Jones’ interpretations of the Buster Sword.

nicholas loy render


Nicholas Loy

Vertex Term 1 Capstone
Programs: Maya, Substance Painter, UE5
A special thank you to Paul Layton for mentoring me throughout this project.

julien fouillet 2beautyfullcomp

THE CALL – PTT 24 The old French Phone

Julien Fouillet

So here is my first Capstone project made for Term 1! We needed to make a prop from our choice and take it through the whole pipeline of prop making in the game industry . While wandering in a museum to get inspired, I found this phone called “PTT24” an old object with a particular story, it was one of the first standardized and private phones in France, allowing to call directly someone without going through an operator. Some kind of a small revolution in the field of communication!

I have done all aspects of the prop from modeling and texturing to rendering. At Vertex during term one I learned the whole process of creating a prop for a game production and it was a blast to learn everyday about each subject. This capstone has been a good challenge for me to take on and it’s made me more motivated for my future projects !

ricardo dos santos 1

REAL BRIAR – Tobacco Pipe

Ricardo dos Santos
manuela stoeckl 2023 12 08 m steambook clean ingamecam1 pluslogonamed v2 smaller

Book in Steampunk Style – Realism – SteamBook – Clean – Happy Adventure

Manuela Stoeckl

This book is not only made in Steampunk style, it also offers steamy gadgets to help you conquer all kinds of adventure.
But if the wrong item, the wrong time, or the wrong words are chosen… who knows what might be awakened?
The creation of this game ready prop(s) was inspired by a product picture I loved. And of course, by my attempt to create as much as possible high quality assets within the given project time.

phil randolph sinchioco 3ds unreal 5 in game render

A Well-Travelled 3DS

Phil Randolph Sinchioco

My 6-week capstone project for Term 1 at Vertex School.
This was an exercise in creating a realistic hard-surface model, starting from picking a challenging-but-feasible reference and then working through the entire process to make it game-ready. I chose to model a 3DS, specifically my own, as a salute to the memories it gave me and as an emblem of my desire to work in the games industry.

zhengyi yu screenshot00016

Muzen speaker

Zhengyi Yu

Modeled the Muzen Bluetooth speaker using a High-Low poly PBR workflow, ensuring it’s game engine-ready and showcased in UE5. Delighted in the process of translating this real-life brand’s design into a 3D representation for practice.

zuzanna brzozka display cabinet front closed

Display Cabinet

Zuzanna Brzózka

My Capstone Project for the 1st term of the Game Artist Program at Vertex School. Modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Unreal Engine.
All props inside the cabinet used for presentation purposes are from Megascans.

ben wright techpresentation

Technics RS-1500

Ben Wright

Term 1 Capstone for Vertex school
Technics RS -1500 using High to Low poly PBR workflow

zakir furkan hayal untitled camera 2 min

Armillary Sphere

Zakir Furkan Hayal

Armillary Spheres were mathematical instruments designed to demonstrate the movement of the celestial sphere about a stationary Earth at its centre. Capstone project for Vertex School Term 1. Wooden table, candle and candle holder used from Megascans for presentation purposes.

suraj menon k2 hull 04

Hull Corporation Telephone (1900-1910)

Suraj Menon

Hull Corporation telephone, made by the Elektrisk Bureau. 1900-1910
A capstone project I worked on while doing term1 at Vertex school .

sheila chan telegraph main new

Old Telegraph Machine

Sheila Chan

This is my first term project at Vertex School (Game Environment Art). My mentor was Paul Layton. He was very patient with his students and incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge. The hero prop is an old telegraph machine and this asset is also featured in my second term project as part of the story in the scene. The hero prop is modelled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Unreal Engine 5.

TERM 2 Artwork

Term 2 marks a pivotal moment as you choose between the Environment Art Track and the Character Art Track. This term introduces you to the intricacies of your selected track, providing essential skills for both environment and character artists. It concludes with the completion of your first Environment Art or Character Art Capstone Project!

jene yeo chapel 01 2

Chapel Restoration

Jene Yeo

This building is based on Greenwood Chapel in Brooklyn, NY and was my Term 2 project at Vertex School. Inspired by games like The Division 2, I chose a historic structure within a modern setting which the player would need to infiltrate. The construction props allowed me to both block off areas as well as allow entry to points higher up in the structure.
-Modeling in Maya and Zbrush
-Texturing and tileable materials created in Substance Painter and Designer
-Lighting, set dressing, cloth dynamic done in Unreal Engine 5.3
-Additional resources such as EasyFog, filler background props, foliage, and decals, were used from Megascans and Unreal Marketplace.
Special thanks to Stefan and Salvador for all the mentoring you provided!

bruno louis ssekandi wide01 0001 day

The Church of St. George, Lalibela 3D Game Environment

Bruno Louis Ssekandi

The last of the eleven rock-hewn churches to be built in Lalibela, the Church of Saint George, was built by King Gebre Mesqel Lalibela of the Zagwe dynasty and remains a site of huge cultural and religious significance. According to popular mythology, the king had an apparition in which one of God’s angels told him of plans for a building which could bring heaven down to Earth.

The project took me a few months to execute… on and off since I was new to Unreal Engine and Zbrush. Modelled basic shapes in Maya, Sculpted everything in Zbrush, Textured in Substance painter and did vertex painting on all meshes in Unreal to create variations/weather effects on the walls. Color graded in DaVinci with LUTs under post processing. Lighting is with Lumen.

sam miceli smiceli mansion 2023 1

The Victorian Mansion

Sam Miceli

My goal with this scene was to create a charming, welcoming environment. Victorian homes are charming, but also tend to have an air of mystery, which felt compelling.

The house architecture is based on a Victorian home in Maine built in 1875 called the George Lord Little House. The rest of the environment is pure fantasy.

lewry henriquez library env lewry henriquez 2nd

The Forgotten Library

Lewry Henriquez

I’m proud to present my second term capstone project at Vertex School, The Forgotten Library!
– Modeled in Maya
– Tileable plank floor material created with Substance Designer
– Props textured with Substance Painter
– Lighting and rendering done with Unreal Engine 5
The scene was created using Modular, Mid and Low-poly workflows. Textured with tileable materials, unique textures, and a trim sheet.

Some additional assets were used from Megascans such as the Foliage, Decals, and some set dressing props (Chair, Pots, Pencils, Rulers, Boxes, and Coat Hanger)

A big thanks to Salvador Sánchez, and Chris Vogelsang for all their feedback and guidance throughout the term!

ricky green night

Desert Ruins

My second capstone project here with Vertex School, this environment piece was inspired by Kevin Lee’s concept art: Desert Ruins. This was a pretty challenging project to work on, but I had a lot of fun bringing the scene to life. I’d like to thank the Vertex mentors and my fellow classmates for their continued support and feedback they’ve provided me. A special thanks to my mentor Chris, lab insctuctor Salvador and mentor Jacob for always pushing me to improve my art.

anthonie nolin mainshot 1

St Bartholomew’s Gate

This is my project for term 2 at Vertex School. In this term we were tasked with creating a game ready environment piece. I decided to create an evening scene in a dark alley in London, specifically the St Bartholomew gatehouse area. I was captivated by the mix of modern and old in the area and the unique aesthetic. The Tudor style gatehouse depicted here dates back to the 1500’s and was restored in the 1930’s.

nikola spasov artboard 1

The Great Muta Game Character

I love Pro wrestling!
Thats why i desided to make the legendary japanese wrestler The Great Muta as my Term 2 character project for Vertex School.

sahir robbie screenshot 1 edited

Mystic Grove: Crystal Reverie

Explore my immersive 3D Environment created in Unreal Engine 5. This was made during my mentorship with Vertex School in our term 2. Witness the culmination of skills honed in design, lighting and Unreal Engine mastery.

martiine mayeur italiancourtyard renderday1

Italian Courtyard

“It’s the beginning of the 20th century and you enter a lush courtyard garden of an Italian cultural building. The complex is aged, but the garden is well tended to. Someone is in the process of looking after it now, with planting pots and gardening equipment dotted around. You might be able to spot some additional visitors. How many bunnies can you find? wink


sheila chan deskwideshot


Intercepted was my Term 2 environment art work at Vertex School. My mentor was Ben Merrick. He was very helpful and shared a lot of his knowledge and experience with his students. The hero prop in the scene is the old telegraph machine which can be found as a separate project in my portfolio (in the link below). The scene was modelled in Maya, designed within the mystery/thriller genre.

This project was a good exercise to generate and use trim sheet on the props. Adobe Substance 3D Designer was used to create tileable texture, intricate carvings, mouldings and profiles for the wood trims and other props. I also had the opportunity to learn and apply vertex painting to create variation in the setting (adding sandy dirt onto the floor). The breakdown of this project can be found in the link below.

TERM 3 Artwork

As you enter Term 3, the stakes get higher, involvement deepens, and exploration of advanced features takes center stage. Armed with increased experience and project time, you’ll craft your second Environment Art or Character Art Capstone Project—an impressive real-time environment or character.

ilenia di maria render01 borde 1

Lost in the Jungle

Ilenia Di Maria

I’m thrilled to share with you a project that has become a significant part of my life over the past few months. Named ‘Lost in the Jungle,’ this project is inspired by the movie ‘The Lost City,’ especially a stunning cave scene that captivated my attention. This scene motivated me to create something similar in Unreal Engine for my project at Vertex School.

Embarking on this journey has been an enlightening experience, filled with learning and experimenting with a variety of techniques. It’s been a path of both creative exploration and technical discovery.

zach silverstein render4 11 15 2023 1


Zach Silverstein

The Mad Hattress project in all her glory! She was challenging to say the least. This was built as a capstone project at Vertex School and my many thanks to my mentors and teachers who have helped me along the way. I managed to build out a scuffed rig just for posing purposes and even imported it into Unreal Engine 5 before deciding it was time to move on. Thank you for taking a look and please feel free to follow my journey as I tackle more projects. “Like hair and fur and and all the cool stuff! Like animation and better rigging!

agil kazimov cine02 1 1 1 1

Woodman Village Environment

Agil Kazimov

Hello everyone!
I am very happy to share the Environment work I have done for my final term in Vertex School.
It is a work I have done based on the concept art of Zhipei Fu.
I would like to thank my mentor Ben Merrick as well as Salvador Sánchez for their feedback and guidance. I would also like to thank Ben Wilson for providing me with a valuable resource for Substance 3D Designer.

felix roberge untitled thumbnail 006

Half-Elf Paladin

Felix Roberge

My first character made during my time at Vertex School where I had the opportunity to learn so many new workflow.
Thanks to Crystal Bretz and Sebastien Giroux for their amazing feedback during my time working on this project !
6 texture set / 4k

laura darja wolf beautyshot02 1

Mysterious Star Observatory

Laura Darja Wolf

I am thrilled to show you my Term 3 project at Vertex School!
This time I made a star observatory scene, with a lot of different props as well as a mysterious mood.

benjamin kopetzky face closeup

Imperial Guardsmen

Benjamin Kopetzky

my character i made during my Vertex school mentorship. thanks to all the Mentors and classmates at vertex school that helped me during this project, I learned so many new great workflows for character creation, I cant wait to do more projects.
the character is an Imperial guardsmen in the Astra Militarum from the warhammer 40k universe.

jason ferenczy final attic low

Attic in Daytime

Jason Ferenczy

For my Term 3 project at Vertex School, I wanted to design a space around a central, single-source light, and I wanted this space to be a natural blend of light and dark. I want to thank the team behind the Game Art program at Vertex School, and a big shout-out to my mentor Ben Merrick for all the help refining this idea and getting it from concept to final product.

tiger yang beautyshots v3 3

The Pavilion of the Hidden Elixir – 藏丹阁 / UE5

*All assets were made by myself
‘Tasked by the Emperor with a sacred quest, the Taoist retreated to the hidden pavilion. Guided by the ancient texts and nature’s silent counsel, he embarked on a search for the recipe that could promise immortality.

samyak jain sidequateravjackpose2 1 edit1 vibrant


Samyak Jain

Meet Heron, an ex-special forces operator with a passion for motorcycles. Being a lone rider, he eats up miles after miles on his motorcycle, riding through rugged terrains, empty towns and packed cities, embracing the freedom and thrill of the road. But there’s more to Heron than meets the eye. Heron carries a unique locket around his neck which holds a sniper rifle bullet from his time in the elite forces.

This is my first ever game-ready character made during the Vertex School Game Art Program guided by the invaluable critiques by multiple mentors including Dan Pingston, Paul Layton, Sacha Gaffney, Patrick van Rooijen and my fellow classmates at Vertex.

ben freed cinecamera shot 10 bunker 0000 ultra

The War At Home

Ben Freed

My finished Term 3 project for Vertex School. I wanted to try Photogrammetry for the first time by capturing some little plastic army men and modeling an environment for them (Megascan assets were used for set dressing around the central table).

Learn more about the Vertex School Game Art Program now!

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