Game Art Program Student Showcase

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TERM 2 Artwork

Goro Takemura Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Art

by Titan Peakon

Hello everyone, Finally Here My Favorite Cyberpunk 2077 from Fictional Character Fiercely Loyal Goro Takemura Personal Bodyguard of Saburo Arasaka.
Inspired By My Mentor Legend Super Sensei Marcin Klicki to Replicate my version at Term 2 of Ryan Kingslien’s Vertex School. – Titan Peakon

titan peakon 16 main camera

Dark Alleyway

by Volodymyr Malaydakh

The Dark Alleyway is the project I worked on during my second term at Vertex. It was an ambitious take for me, as most of my previous experience was the hard surface prop modeling. All modular pieces and props are made by me. Used megascans to get decals and tileable materials. Huge thanks to my mentor Jake Dunlop. – Volodymyr Malaydakh

volodymyr malaydakh main

Steampunk London

Péter Foltán

After working hard on my first even environment scene, finally it’s time to post it. Through out the last couple months i’ve learned countless useful softwares and techniques. The project is made after Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Dishonored’s Dunwall and Thief’s concept arts.

I used all my models are made in Autodesk Maya, scuplted in Zbrush, textured in Adobe Substance Painter except my custom tileable textures, for which i used Adobe Substance Designer to make.

The scene is rendered in Unreal Engine 5, taking advantage of Lumen. I also used DaVinci Resolve for video editing, and Blender 3.0 to render my Materialsphere.

Feel free to share your thought on my project in the comments. Also sharing the project would help me a lot.

Special thanks to the my Vertex School mentor, Jacob Claussen for guiding me through the process and for Paul Layton for helping me out with Substance Designer. – Péter Foltán

peter foltan screenshot00010

Sea Hunter

Spencer Angle

The Sea Hunter is my ode to one of my favorite games, Bloodborne. He would’ve been dispatched to the fishing hamlet along with the other old hunters. He is armed with a trick weapon I’d like to call the Harpoon Sword-Spear.

It has a pneumatic gas powered harpoon that will impale and reel in smaller enemies, and close the distance with larger ones. His clothing is modeled after old deep sea, waterproof fishing coats and hats, and thus is directly prepared for the elements of the damp, oceanside assault of a village of half-fish abominations.

This project has been one I’ve worked on for a while now and I’ve learned so much about making game ready characters. It started under the mentorship of Paul Widelski while at Vertex School, and I finished it not long afterwards. – Spencer Angle

spencer angle maritime hunter

Knight of the Ebon Fang

Elliott Wang
elliott wang kotef portfolio layout3 01 01

Medieval street


Based on French Revolution (Assassin’s Creed Unity) time period – 1789 to 1792

First Unreal project.. big thanks to vertex mentor Jacob Claussen – Pranave

pranave final

The Crusader

Sacha Gaffney

Thanks Ashley Sparling for your guidance! – Sacha Gaffney

The Crusader Sacha Gaffney

TERM 3 Artwork

Fantasy Warrior

Sanjay Dhanda

Hi, I have created this fantasy warrior based off Admira Wijaya’s concept on DeviantArt, which is a great concept.

This character was created as part of my final project with Vertex School, for the Character Game Artist Program. Special shout out to my mentor’s Omar Aweidah and Anthony Musich for all the help. – Sanjay Dhanda

sanjay dhanda front1

Hakke Malukala

Kamala Atakishiyeva

I enjoyed making this character and learned a lot in the process. The reason I chose to make this character, was how much it resonated with my interests around character creation, fashion and horror.

It’s originally from the Japanese video game Maken X which was released in 1999. Maken X is set in a near-future version of Earth, described as “five minutes” into the future, where tension between the United States and China is rising, the European Union is collapsing due to growing misfortune across Europe.

This Character is called Hakke Malukala. In the game he is a head of the global Mafia, deals drugs and manages crime all over Europe.The concept is made by one of my favorite artist Kazuma Kaneko. My upcoming character is based on one of his concepts as well.
I’m thankful to my mentors Omar Awediah, and Anthony Musich. – Kamala Atakishiyeva

kamala atakishiyeva 1 3d character makenx fashion adn horror style by 3d artist kamala atakishiyeva

She Who Knows

Spencer Angle

This piece is based on the concept/card art for “She Who Knows” by the extremely talented Oleksandr Kozachenko. Give him a follow, his work is phenomenal and inspiring.

She Who Knows is the mother of the Crones of Crookback Bog within the Witcher 3 world. Another of my favorite games. Apparently she molded them out of the earth and with some ancient magic and perhaps some random pieces of flesh she brought them to life, only to have them overthrow her hundreds of years later.

When I saw the card art within the Gwent card game I knew I had to give it a go. This was done under the mentorship of Paul Widelski while at Vertex School. – Spencer Angle

spencer angle title

Mountain Goblin

David-Shane Sidnbois

When I was in college I designed a little creature concept for one of my art classes. I decided that I would work to seeing this simple concept come to life with my new found skills that I learned from the amazing mentors at the Vertex School, Thank you so much to my amazing mentors Paul Widelski and Anthony Musich. It was wonderful learning under such talented people.

The design is simple, but the mix of creatures really gave it a charm that I couldn’t not make into a game ready model. I wanted the Goblin to come off a mix of bird and dinosaur. If I could boil my concept simply, I would say “Moblin mixed with Pachycephalosaurus”. I took this character from concept to rig.

I also like to get into the mindset of this creature’s origin. This is my little lore:

The Goblin that I designed was created by Wizards as a form of labor. A homunculus-like creation made from birds. I love the theme that goblins are always vying for power within their little societies, and I see a lot of that within a chicken Pecking order. I also like the idea that this was an unforeseen by product of meddling with life, and that a wizard was too arrogant to understand that the pecking order might trump their magical design. Now they roam the world as a general problem. Looting and scavenging what they can. Their origin lost to the annals of time. – David-Shane Sidnbois

david shane sidnbois mountiangoblin

Ebon Fang

Elliott Wang

Original concept. Inspired by my favorite dragon ever: Hraesvelgr from FF14! I tried to incoporate more eastern elements like a serpentine body, feathered wings, and fur, but in the end it still looks pretty western and reptilian…

Dragon worshipped by knights of the ebon fang. Capstone project for term 3 at Vertex School. Again, I’m fortunate to have had the privilege to learn from the awesome artists, Omar and Anthony! – Elliott Wang

elliott wang flyingposefire pf 01 01

Westbrook Garrison

Pablo Gutierrez Seeliger

After playing World of Warcraft again after many years I got inspired to create this scene based on Westbrook Garrison. My objective was to recreate this iconic building using updated materials and lighting, merging WoW with OW styles. Everything was created from zero in about 2.5 weeks. I used a mix of hand painted and procedural generated textures.

One of the biggest challenges was to understand and replicate the characteristic World of Warcraft style, specially regarding scale and color. Overall it was a great learning process. – Pablo Gutierrez Seeliger

I want to thank everyone that has supported me during the process of learning 3D art. One year ago I wouldn’t believe I could be doing this now.

pablo gutierrez seeliger presentation template

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