Looking at the works of great artists throughout history, we see there’s a method to their madness. There has to be. 

To acquire the madness, all you have to do is unlock the method.

The best way to unlock the madness faster than most other game artists on the planet, you need to do this one thing:

Study the PERSONAL work of the best PROFESSIONAL artists.

The best professional artists are busy pushing the industry standards higher and further every day. But what really pushes their professional work further and higher is what they’re doing with their personal projects. THAT is where the method lies!

It is the lunch breaks, early mornings, and sleepless nights of these silent gurus that are really pushing the envelope for the entire industry. 

You know why? Because that’s the work they’re doing to go above and beyond their call of duty. To satisfy their own, personal creative itch. 

No deadlines, no externally provided briefs, no nothing. It’s quite literally their own flights of fantasy and their own whims and wishes.

These are the projects that truly see their inner geniuses unleashed in their full glory.

Our very own Maria Yue is a shining example of such an artist. She is making jaws drop harder every day at Splash Damage in the UK. And she’s crushing those jaws into obliteration sharing her own personal work. 

AND  …

She’s doing a huge favor to the current and aspiring artists by sharing her inspirations, thoughts, and workflows with the world!




Check out her interview here to see what went behind her “London Fog” project. It’s a masterpiece of emotional storytelling. 

maria yue londonfog 1

“London Fog” by Maria Yue

In this interview, you’ll learn all about her traditional photography wizardry that she brings to Unreal Engine 4. Everything from the f-stops to shutter speed to exposure compensation … the works. And that’s not all. Maria also shares the links to the asset packs she used for this project. And even that is not all. She also shares with you some links to brush up your photography essentials.  

This is such an unfair advantage over a majority of lighting artists, you have no idea! 

After all, there’s a reason she is considered one of the top-tier lighting artists in the games industry today.  


And when you find yourself ready to take the small step for yourself and the giant leap for your career,

let Maria personally help you build your own personal portfolio as a Lighting Artist over 6 weeks.