Bootcamp student Joseph Burgan just got hired as a Junior Environment Artist at Epic Games!

Ryan asked him about his job search experience, and he shared some great insights about what helped him:


Number 1: Remember You’re Not Alone

Here’s something Ryan tells all his students all the time: You don’t have to do it alone.

“This 3D journey, especially when you take the learn-from-home-on-the-internet route, feels especially long and, sometimes, extremely lonely,” Joseph acknowledges. “And it’s easy to feel discouraged, especially when you’re seeking employment in the Industry as the goal.”

So, what’d he do?


Number 2: Trust The Experts

“I bugged the crap out of my mentor (Alexis Boyer) and she helped me through my struggles,” says Joseph. “She had so much advice for me. She told me once that it’s frustrating when students are stubborn because that’s what hinders their growth the most. It’s so important to take all advice in from current industry professionals. They’re walking the talk. So eat up what they tell you and do it.”

“Don’t be stubborn and do everything the professionals are telling you to do!”


Number 3: Show Your Progress

Joseph had a friend at Epic who kept the studio updated on the progress of the Environment he was creating in the Bootcamp. “It helped them to see that progress–from almost start to finish.”

He went in for a tour of the studio and sat for an interview with the art director and received a lot of praise for his work. “They loved the style of the piece,” says Joseph, “and that’s what they were looking for.”

But they needed to see more…


Number 4: Use Your Connections

After the tour and meeting, Joseph immediately reached out to his friend at the studio to ask for advice. Joseph wanted to focus on the most effective thing that would make a difference. He asked his friend: What is the most effective thing I can do with my time right now

So his friend followed up and Joseph ended up completing an art test that impressed the studio. 🙂

“Through all of this, my chances in getting a job with them were much higher because of a connection to one of their team members,” says Joseph.


Joseph’s Advice:

  • I benefited the most by relying almost completely on my instructor’s advice and on the advice of other professionals on the internet.
  • Don’t suffer by doing it alone. Connect with others and be a good friend.My chances at getting the job at Epic Games would have been many times lower had it not been for my connection.
  • Finally, you have to know why you’re doing what you’re doing — that fuels everything.To me, getting a job in the industry is a way to learn how to create games professionally, full-time, while getting paid to learn. I want to create video games experiences of my own that people walk away from feeling inspired to better themselves. So the job in the industry is just a necessary checkbox for my why.


Check out Joseph’s Work during the Environment Bootcamp:


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