What do you need to get that job in the game industry? What does your work need? Most artists get this wrong. Most artists think, “I need to learn more anatomy”. They take an anatomy class. Then they say, “I need to learn more anatomy!” The cycle of Distraction Education begins. Delay, doubt, and disbelief take hold. The future stays the future and the present doesn’t change.

Screw that! Most people, today, are over-educated and under-worked. Artists are too focused on being comfortable with their skills sets and aren’t flying by the seat of their pants enough. “I’m not ready. I need to take that foundation class” and another and another… ”

Just one more class and I’ll be ready to make my own characters” but the character never gets made. It’s time to get real, get honest with where WE are at with our ART and be OK with that. Be honestly OK with all of our strengths and our weaknesses. It’s time to give yourself permission to start, to fall, to skin your knee, to fail. It’s just time to give yourself permission to try. It’s time to lead yourself out of this plateau you’ve been on waiting for help to arrive. To lead yourself and your own art to the next level by doing the one thing that will make a difference. The one thing that has ALWAYS made the difference: THE WORK.

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