On the fourth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me…

… The way out of the value of the suck.

Hey there. Happy Saturday.

I’m really excited about this video.

My last video was kind of like John Cena with long hair…

It’s a bit uncomfortable. It’s not all dialed in.

Today, I show you the super power that can take you out of the valley of the suck. It’s all about lines and structure.

This is day four of the 12 days of realism. My gift to you for being so awesome.

I’m posting them on Facebook, YouTube and on the Game Art institute blog.

Have an awesome weekend!

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Learn more about how to Sculpt The Idealized Face with Ryan Kingslien.

Digital Realism: The Face


  • As always i thank you for your guidance and words of wisdom much appreciated.

  • The “process” is key and that’s what i was lacking “process.” I would always be amazed by the people that post their work on Artstation and wonder how? How do they do that? Process, now i don’t consider myself as a character artist but man Thanks Ryan this is awesome loving the “process.”