On the Fifth day of Christmas my teacher gave to me… the key to creating life: Volume!

Day 3, we left at a cliffhanger… did Ryan actually suck? Was he just a washed up sculptor?

Day 4, we looked at how to become a rehabilitated sculptor and have your day in the sun… It all comes from shifting your strategy from Silhouette to LINES & STRUCTURE.

In Day 5, we look at how to add life to our sculpt by adding volume and creating convexities.

As my teacher told me… there are NO concavities in the human body. All concavities are simply the merger of two convexities…

So… get on about it and get to sculpting!

*About the 12 Days Of Realism*

Remember, Mastery is not magic… it’s process. Use the process others use and you get results they get.

Really simple, right?

Have an awesome weekend!

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