It’s amazing what our students achieve with the help of our amazing mentors. We hope our student showcase leaves you feeling driven to take the leap and jumpstart your own game art career. Enjoy!

stephen knox beauty shot 01

Steam House Island

“Steam House Island” is my first completed work as a student at Vertex School for 3D Environment Creation. My goal was to take a dark Tim Burton style of architecture, surround it with life, and make something beautiful. – Stephen Knox

nam kwok chong lan gun stance

Chong Lan: Gunslinger

Concept Art by Hou China. Please check out his website for character design and lore!
I modeled the character in 3D with Maya and Zbrush and texture painted in Substance Painter. Rendered in Marmoset.

Thank you again to Paul Widelski amazing tips and mentoring throughout the journey. Hope you guys like it! – Nam Kwok

kobus viljoen shot

Abandoned Faith

This environment was created as part of the Game Artist program at Vertex School.

The goal of this scene was to use modular assets and trim sheets. This scene is created in Unreal Engine 5 and Blender. All lighting is fully in real-time.

This was also featured in an 80.LV interview.

This scene is inspired by my interest in Norse mythology and by the art in God Of War. – Kobus Viljoen

aaron hawks cdl portfolio

Modular Corner Building

This is my first 3D Modular Environmental set that was modeled after a corner building on my block in Brooklyn and was built for the Vertex School Environmental program.

There were many challenges learning the modular work flow but the biggest was working on an iMac with Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine pushed the computer to its limits creating a 3 second lag that nearly made me quit.

The frustration was almost unbearable but in the end I continued to see progress that inspired me to continue and move forward to finish this piece. A small triumph that I am proud of. – Aaron Hawks

salvador sanchez

Writer’s Room – Unreal Engine 4

”… He was just gone. We went into his room one day, and everything was a bit messy. He even left his cane, which he never leaves. The only thing we found was a few unfinished letters, and an envelope saying sorry, sealed with his initial V.”

Hello everybody, hope I found you well. This is a scene made for my term 2 during Vertex School. Inspired by this concept art made by Montezuma. I immediately wanted to take my own twist on it. All aspects of the scene were done by me (for the exception of the flower, cardboard box and a few decals on the scene, which were obtained from Bridge Megascans).

While doing this scene, I learned a lot more about shaders which allowed me to manipulate even more of my base materials. Did material functions and saw how they can be of use to iterate in a much faster way. I improved my texturing workflow and delved into Substance Designer for material creation.

I as well learned about creating custom LUTs and composition. I’m proud of how much I grew up during this term, and I’m especially thankful to Vertex School, and to Kem Yaralioglu for being such an awesome mentor and helping a lot during this period. – Salvador Sanchez

rex lucila

Modular Corner Building – Amsterdam

My first environment made for my second term of Environment Art at Vertex School. I used the architecture of Amsterdam to create the scene.

The initial plan was to go for a smaller sized scene but it slowly grew because I really wanted to see how far I could go with modularity. My biggest hurdle during the whole project was lighting. I had to redo it several times until I eventually created a satisfying result.

There’s still a lot of room to improve but overall, I’m happy with what I managed to achieve. Loads of credit goes to Jacob Claussen, my mentor at Vertex, for guiding me through the whole process.

*Quixel was used for the base materials for the bricks, roof, and rope (and were edited in Painter). A few Quixel props and decals were also used for set dressing. – Rex Lucila

linus alstergren

Church Ruins – Hunt Showdown Fan Art

First and foremost a huge thanks to Jacob Claussen for his invaluable advice and feedback. This is my final big scene for the Vertex School environment art course.

This is my church scene inspired by Hunt: Showdown. I took a lot of inspiration from their mood and church aesthetics, as well as references from frontier churches that I was able to find. Hunt: Showdown is an incredibly fun and intense experience that I strongly recommend anyone that sees this give it a try.

I created all the material bases in Substance Designer and then textured them in Substance Painter, since that’s the fastest workflow for me at the moment.

Tree/bush/ivy were made with Chico Spans workflow from his tutorial, which is excellent.

Everything else besides the cross is using the midpoly workflow. As for particles I found some shaders online for fire and smoke and just threw those in and heavily tweaked them. – Linus Alstergren

quentin fuchs

Bioshock Big Sister Unmasked

I made this character with all my love of the beautiful game that is Bioshock. This character fascinates me, as much for it’s design as for it’s background story.

This is merely why I usually love horror games or movies, because of the killer / monster’s story. The suffering and fear that it could have caused or lived usually gives them a charismatic touch that I feel is profoundly interesting.

I couldn’t have come to this result without the mentorship and advising I received from Ryan Kingslien, and Marcin Klicki, that I cannot thank enough. – Quentin Fuchs

Shao Chen

Willem Dafoe Portrait

In this project, my goal was to create a high-fidelity Willem Dafoe portrait in 3D. Everything was sculpted and textured from scratch. His head portion is finished for now. I’m currently working on the character props, and they will be wrapped up before Christmas. – Shao Chen

mattia migliorin

The Lost Hunter

This is the last character I made before graduation at the amazing Vertex online school.

I gave everything I got for this character, and I learned a lot from him. I’m super excited to share it with all of you!

A super special thanks goes to my two incredible mentors: Ryan Kingslien and Marcin Klicki! Without them I would never be able to achieve this kind of skills in years! Thanks a lot guys!

The entire design of this character is made by me and inspired by most of my favorite games: Castlevania Lords of Shadow, the Devil May Cry series and Bloodborne.

The gauntlet was heavily inspired by the one made by Erik J Fitch. – Mattia Migliorin

may mize

Luigi’s Arcade

Haunted Japanese arcade with style inspired by Luigi’s mansion and Zelda.

You may find a few bugs haunting this demo, but don’t be afraid, they just want to say hello. Free demo available download:

Character Timmy is from Mixamo. – May Mize

j lin zandalari final

World of Warcraft Fan-Art | Zandalari Troll

Here’s my work done in my 3rd term at Vertex School. A fan-art of a Zandalari troll from World of Warcraft.

Workflow approached:
High poly sculpt in Zbrush
Low retopology in Maya
UVs and Texel Density in Maya
Hand-painted textures in Substance Painter
Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag

– Joseph Lin

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