“I just stop doing something if I find it unenjoyable. So I have a lot of dead projects and I’ve tried to work now in a way where I’ll just do the things that excite me and then, by the time I’ve got enough of the things that excite me done, I should have something that’s far enough along that I tell myself, ‘You can’t not finish this now.’

“I just think, as soon as you get bored just kill it and find something that interests you. Life’s too short to be doing projects that you’re not enjoying.”

What a joy to talk to Floyd Billingy!

His passion for his work was so clear and infectious…
He enjoys working with his teams.
He takes time to learn new things.
And he loves the work he does.


More about Vertex School: http://vertexschool.com

More about Floyd Billingy: https://www.artstation.com/floydleroi

Listen to the full conversation:

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