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Abdelrahman Kubisi is a Character and Creature Artist at MPC.

He had one of the coolest Patreons for Character Artists until he just recently shut that down.

On top of that, he produced an amazing Scarlett Johansson with Jeremy Celeste at Texturing.xyz.

One of the things I loved to hear is when he documents his work from 2015 and how it has improved in 2018.

It was very inspiring to talk to somebody who really lives the motto of constant, unending improvement.

More about Vertex School: www.vertexschool.com

More about Abdelrahman Kubisi: https://artstation/kubisi.com/


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One Comment

  • Serge says:

    Awesome interview. Good questions Ryan and loved that you just stepped back giving the chance for Abdelrahman Kubisi to talk. Loved the changed mentality part that Abdelrahman Kubisi talked about, that is the way to go.