These students took the leap and applied to our 9 month Game Art Program. Take a look at what they have been able to achieve with the help of our amazing mentors!

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christian mayer closeup wide 6 1 1

Courtyard Riot – Ludwig Ry. Bank Level

“Courtyard real-time environment I build in Unreal during term 2 at the Environment Art Program at Vertex School.
Learned a lot about modular kits, material systems combining tileable textures with baked masks and many more things.
I worked on the project during 3 month. For foliage Megascans trees and plants were used.
Big thanks for all the great feedback during the project to my Mentor, Stefan Oprisan.” – Christian Mayer

etienne cardona presentation swordmanblue2

Blue Swordman

nisso tamoulis 001 1

Corner Ramen Shop

“For my capstone project I drew inspiration from the Edo period, Japan. The concept was to incorporate the traditional ambiance and mood into this present moment. The Corner ramen shop, was approached using a modular design workflow, utilizing trim sheets, tileable and unique texture sets. Various individual props were built for the set dressing to convey an inviting narrative journey. Assembling and lighting was done in Unreal Engine.”- Nisso Tamoulis

kamala atakishiyeva 3d character03 kamala atakishiyeva

Futuristic Fashion Model

“With the guidance of my mentors Omar Aweidah and Anthony Musich from Vertex school, I was able to create my first Character . This character concept is made by my favorite concept artist Fang Yuan. I’m generally fascinated by all his work. I tried to translate his 2D concept into 3D. Finishing this project has given me confidence for continuing to model more interesting characters. I’ve been looking forward to share this with you. What do you think?” – Kamala Atakishiyeva

michael vladimirov heightscinema3

The Heights Theatre

“A building based on the retro “The Heights Theatre” located in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. This is my Term 2 project of the Environment Art program at Vertex School. Made using Unreal Engine 5.
– References were gathered using Google Maps Street View + old photographs of the cinema, which were all collected into PureRef.
– Created 2 unique trimsheets as well as several unique tileables which were all baked and textured in Substance Painter.
– Created an atmospheric lighting setup and realistic emissions from signs with the use of Lumen in UE5
– Decals and smaller vegetation are from Quixel Megascans and the small trees are from Speedtree.
– I’d like to thank my instructors and classmates for all the feedback to achieve a realistic and atmospheric scene.” – Michael Vladimirov

marco pizzichemi highresscreenshot00006

Ancient Bath

“The goal of this project was to build an environment kit for Unreal Engine using a modular workflow and trim-sheet texturing technique, and level up my skills of sculpting, lighting and composition.
For statues and wall reliefs I used free scanned models available here:
Mosaics material:
UE4 Procedural Ivy:” – Marco Pizzichemi

ahsen gilani beauty 3

Demon Biker – Real Time – Game Art

“OK, so I started this project as a bust design for Raf Grassetti’s contest. I decided to take this a step further and turn it into a real time game character. That explains the high texture set for the head.
Still managed to keep the whole project under 40K, not including the hair cards, of course.
Much thanks to Vertex’s Patrick Van Rooijen for his ultimate support and guidance.” – Ahsen Gilani

amadu shaw shed 3


“I want to thank my instructor Jacob Claussen for his guidance and also, I want to thank my classmates for their feedback as well as the school of Vertex for giving me this opportunity. This is my project I worked on for my term 3 at vertex School Online using a concept of Lucile Meunier. The concept is for the game Tell me Why, but I wanted to have a life is strange feel to this project.” – Amadu Shaw

magdalena piech shot1 final 1

Antiques Bookstore

“Antiques Bookstore is a modular environment project I worked on during my II Term at Vertex School. It was super fun and I learned a lot along the way. I created all modular pieces and props from scratch. Dirt and pages atlases that can be seen on the floor are from Megascans.
Many thanks to my Mentor, Stefan Oprisan.” – Magdalena Piech

glen ortiz cityrender01 1

San Francisco Street

“I want to thank my mentor Jacob Claussen for his amazing feedback, guidance, and teachings. A special thanks to all my classmates at Vertex School! It’s been wonderful time getting to know everyone and work along each other.

This is my final project for Vertex School’s Environment Art course. For this scene I wanted to capture the San Francisco victorian style houses with the lo fi visual aesthetic; cold and humid exteriors with warm interiors.

I used Quixel Mixer to create the buildings and street materials; used Substance Painter to texture the props. I created the foliage following Chico Spans workflow from his foliage course on Vertex School’s website. I created a blueprint for the single and bay window to quickly change the blinds, curtains, interior material, and control over the lights. Some street assets were taken from Quixel Bridge to populate the scene. I worked mainly with baked lighting with some real time lights as fill lights.” – Glen Ortiz

jeronimo canale 1

The Crypt – Modular Environment

“Hey! very excited to finally share my first full environment in Unreal. This is the capstone project from Vertex’s School second term. It was a crazy, fun and enriching experience! The environment is fully modular, with some hero props. Everything was created from scratch, but the statue, the sand material, the rocks and the bones are from bridge. HUGE shout out to my mentor Jake Dunlop! Thanks!” – Jeronimo Canale

zeno dellby necrofull

Bone Witch

joel gambleton shot 02 1

The Agency – 1964

“This is my submission for Term 2 of Vertex School, thank you so much to the tutors there and especially Kem Yaralioglu for mentoring me over the past few months, I feel like I’ve learned a lot in regards to unreal and substance designer!” – Joel Gambleton